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  • Large glass area on patio's are not always practical as one is only protected against the rain and not the direct sunlight. (Unless blinds are fitted)
  • If going for a Solid Roof, Skylights should be fitted in the vicinity of a window or sliding door to allow light to pass into the adjoining room/rooms.
  • The Skylight should be ± 800 in width and ± the same as the door or window in lenght. This will allow the same amount of light in, as before the patio was added.
  • If patio has a balcony on top, see Glass Floors.
  • Constructed fully in aluminium (welded joints).
  • Gutters are done in aluminium (welded joints).
  • Smaller units are powder. Larger units are hand painted using special primers for aluminium (Penetrol).
  • Condensation outlets are provided for. Important for moisture to pass through the frame. Especially useful for kitchens, bathrooms, spa / jacuzzi and enclosed pool areas.
  • Glass used is a PVB safety laminated glass with polished edges.
  • Glass has UV elimination properties.
  • Clear glass has a 17% heat cut out.
  • Tinted glass has a 44% heat cut out.
  • Slo Silver (mirror glass) has a 77% heat cut out.
  • Unit can also have double glazing.
  • The glass rests on a 6x9 thermobond glazing tape.
  • Structural glazing & silicon is used.
  • Overhang & drip edges are provided for.
  • Acrylic silicon applied between frame & wall (closes hairline gaps) to complete internal finishing.
  • Screw & fixing bolts covered with plastic caps.

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