Sola Beams


Bringing in Natural Light Made Affordable

Introducing Sola Beams: a cost-effective way to bring sunlight indoors. These tube-style skylights, also known as Sola Tubes, Sola Skylights, and more, were created to brighten up spaces like bathrooms and hallways. They’re like round tunnels on the roof that carry sunlight inside. Some use clear domes on top to let light in, while others have solid tubes or reflective material to guide light.

Skybright Skylights Sola Beams

Skybright Skylights takes it up a notch with square Sola Beams. They give 27% more light than round ones of the same size. These square units use strong materials that resist rust and are super waterproof. They have special glass that resists the sun’s rays, fading, and even hail. Plus, the square shape makes them look good on the roof and ceiling. The Sola Beams’ lights fit perfectly into the ceiling, looking seamless.

More to Know:

  • They fit well on different roofs like slate, tiles, or metal sheets.
  • Sola Beams’ tubes are made with a reflective material for maximum light.
  • Choose between two types of light diffusers: prismatic and opal.
  • The frame on the ceiling is sturdy and white.
  • For bedrooms, you can add a blind at night.
  • Bigger rooms might need bigger Sola Beams.
  • If your roof gets shadowy, pick a slightly larger unit.
  • They’re great for dark spaces, but not for already bright areas.
  • Get Ready for Brighter Days with Sola Beams!

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