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The job done is superb. Thank you very much.
Kaushal Maharaj
I want to thank you, and compliment you for the amazing job at our new offices. It is always a pleasure to work with you and your guys on site.
Joe van Rooyen
Thank you for a job well done. Your advice regarding changes to the gutter and down pipes was spot-on. Your team was punctual, friendly and very neat.
The job was done very professionally and neatly. Thank you very much for that.
Yogan Moodley
Thank you for sorting out our leaking skylights, with all the rain we are having at the moment it is awesome to not have any leaks. Contractors that offer your level of after sales service are far and few between and I can without hesitation recommend you to anyone. Your attention to detail, quality and neatness of work is commendable.
Dave Mulcahy
Thank you so much for the installation and the exceptional workmanship. Apart from the extra light, in both kitchen and passage, the windows add a whole new dimension to our kitchen - thank you Clive, it looks stunning.
Thanks so much! The windows make a huge difference and your team has been very professional! An added advantag is that there is now also more light at night as our chandelier's lights are reflected from the inside of the windows back into the house. Did not expect this one, but it's great.
Carin Malan
We are delighted with our new skylights and the marvelous amount of light that has been added to our home. The lounge in particular, has been transformed by the replacement of the old solar beam skylight with the beautiful new sky window. For the first time in the 16 years we have lived in our house, we find ourselves wanting to sit in that room during the day to enjoy all teh natural light that has been introduced. Thank you, too, for your generosity in providing us with the little skylight for our dressing room, as well as the extra dome for the passage. It is truly appreciated.
Robyn Jennings
I'm so impressed with the skylight you re-installed on our Balcony. Not a problem with it. Wish we had known about your company 7 years ago - it would have been put in properly the first time. So thank you very much!
Lauren Reekie
After a very long time and amazing patience and problem solving of your team - I think they FINALLY found where the leak was coming from at their last visit as - touch wood - I haven't had any leaks since then! I'd really like to thank them (they are a great team) and you for your incredible after sales service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your business to friends and family.
Your team just left my premises now. As always they were extremely professional and very pleasant. Thanks for the super service.
Ismail Osman
It is great to sometimes actually get great service and good quality work from contractors. I chose Skybright Skylights as a service provider even though your quote was +- 15% more than your competition and I am glad I was not disappointed in my decision making.
Albert du Preez
Many thanks for the installation of the skylight in our bathroom. We are very happy with the new look bathroom with an abundance of light streaming in!
Vanessa Vuletic
Thank you Clive, and of course, Freddie and his team for a perfect installation! The new skylight is a vast improvement on the tube we had previously. The light is completely natural. The grey tint we went for on your recommendation does not appear to alter the light at all. The extent of the additional light is far greater than the tube could offer.
Pete and Linda Ferreira
We would like to thank you for our beautiful skylights, and compliment your very competent and pleasant installation team on a job really well done. Thank you for also fixing the fascia board, the doggie gate (which now works like a charm) and painting the kitchen ceiling.
George and Sanet Findlay

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