Factory Skylights


Factory skylights are designed for large areas such as warehouses, factories, shopping centers, and animal sheds, among others. These skylights are lightweight to avoid affecting the structural integrity of the roof. They are constructed using a multiwall polycarb system to reduce heat gain and heat loss, particularly during winter. We have made them hail-resistant, and they can support a person’s weight, adding additional safety features. The sheeting is opaque and white, preventing direct sunlight from passing through, which can be harmful to merchandise. The opaque material also reduces incoming heat.

Additionally, we offer an opening unit to allow excess heat, smoke, fumes, and odors to escape, which can be particularly useful for main roof sheeting. These motorised units can also serve as additional smoke and fire ventilation. Our skylights come in standard set sizes.

Brighter areas are typically safer workspaces with fewer injuries. Stores can sell more goods, students perform better in schools, hospital patients recover faster, and animals are healthier. It’s amazing what efficient natural light can achieve.

Skylight Products